Whole Flower Water is the first and only whole flower CBD infused water line on the market. Using a proprietary whole flower 100% natural extraction process, Whole Flower Water infuses CBD extracted from the high quality strain of cannabis ACDC without harmful chemicals. This produces a fluid that is instantly water-compatible, creating greater bio-availability and eliminating the need for a secondary treatment.

CBD-Centric is the perfect way to ingest your daily dose of CBD.

Each bottle is infused with 50mg of whole flower CBD fluid extracted from ACDC (a high CBD and very low THC strain of cannabis), which contain the entire spectrum of secondary cannabinoids, terpenoids and other constituents found in cannabis.

Each line is delivered in a 12 fl.oz. water bottle

Where You Can Find Whole Flower Water

Why We’re Great

Whole Flower Water separates itself from the competition because the vast majority of existing CBD infused products on the market today are produced by using an inferior industrial hemp CBD isolate. Hemp-derived CBD isolates are inferior due to the fact that they do not include any of the secondary cannabinoids, terpenoids or other cannabis compounds that are extracted when utilizing a whole flower approach.

In other words, the whole flower extraction process pulls all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and other constituents that are contained in each flower. As stated on Project CBD: “Cannabis contains several hundred compounds, including various flavonoids, aromatic terpenes, and many minor cannabinoids in addition to THC and CBD. Each of these compounds has specific healing attributes, and when combined they create what scientists refer to as a holistic Entourage Effect, so that the therapeutic impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its single-molecule parts.” (Project CBD)

It its the best CBD Water in the market!
It saved my life!!

Our Water

Whole Flower Water fills each 12 fl. oz. water bottle with 100% Purified Water sourced from The OB Water Store Inc. The OB Water Store has served Ocean Beach and the Greater San Diego area for over 10 years. Their 100% purified Water goes through a 13 Stage Reverse Osmosis Technology System.
O.B. Water Store